Education System

Education System

An Overview

Australia is a vibrant Place to live and Study with a young and Energetic population, Assembled with vivacious Cultures. International students find Australia an affordable Place to live due to tones of part-time working opportunities. Australian Degrees are recognised globally and equipped with finest nurtured educational standards. Institutional and government support makes Australia a Primary choice for international Students.

Educational Exposure

Australia owns World Class educational Institutes furnished with highly qualified and globally acclaimed Instructors. This makes foreign students to Choose Australian institutes for their big dreams. Naturally beautiful landscape, friendly people and cutting-edge educational infrastructure offer students a place to acquire more learning than Certificate only.


The higher education system or the tertiary education in Australia includes both private and government institutions. Under this system, the colleges and universities are either recognised or established by the Australian government. Additionally, the Australian education system is distinguished by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), which is a national policy that covers all education levels and qualifications.


Most of the Australian universities are self-accredited and strictly follow the legislation under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. This act was designed to put the aims of the Australian universities under legal terms and recognise the education being provided. It also allows the universities to obtain grants and loans in favour of educational reforms. Apart from the Government support, each university chooses its own coursework and programs. Noteworthy- the Australian education can be trusted as many Australian universities are featured under the top 100 international universities of the world.

Whichsoever course you want to pursue keeping your career goals in consideration, Australia is the best place to study for international students. In Australia, English is the official language for instruction and education, with few institutions providing bilingual programs.

Apart from excellence in education systems, Australia also offers diverse natural and heritage sites, the most exciting cities in the world, amazing landscapes and great standard of living for the overseas students.

Student Visa and Requirements

Potential students who want to study in Australia needs a student’s visa to carry their aims. Australian HomeAffairs department has introduced SSVF 500 that, covers all the education levels.

Student Life in Australia

Indulge yourself in fun-loving activities! Enjoy Sunny beaches, Learn different cultures and taste mouthwatering food from all parts of the world. Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western and northern Territories are full of Wildlife, Natural forest, and beautiful natures. A student can enjoy outdoor activities like Surfing, Cycling, hiking and can enjoy all worlds sports from Amateur to Expert Levels.

Students can choose from Books to Movies clubs, student’s societies, travelling groups, Indoor and outdoor games, Libraries and hundreds of other activities. So, don’t miss a chance to catch all these wonders.

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